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A picture of a stone sculpture.

I am a Maryland-based artist. I handcraft contemporary stone sculptures using classic materials, simple tools, and time-honored carving techniques. I show my work throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. 

Note: All works pictured on this site are available for exhibition and/or sale.

I also teach stone carving and other 3D arts at after-school classes, summer camp and visiting-artist events. Demonstrations of the traditional craft of stone carving are available for students and other interested groups.

In addition to carving the most primitive material -- rock, I also create 3D imagery (holograms) using highly advanced photo-optical technologies in the laser laboratory. Holography can be considered "sculpting with light." A recent exhibition included a stone sculpture and a holographic image of that sculpture, side-by-side. 

My art portfolio also includes fused glass artworks, large-scale image projections (lightshows), and digital graphics. -- Alan R


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