The Sculpting Process

The stone sculpting process begins with a nice piece of carve-able rock (typically a 10 - 100 lb block of marble, alabaster, or soapstone).

The stone I use is sourced from quarries, salvage yards, and sculpture supply houses. A suitable rock has consistent texture with no obvious fractures, and perhaps some interesting colors (though internal and surface patterns often differ).


Step 1. After sketching a design on the rock, I carefully remove the excess stone using a hammer and chisels of various shapes and sizes.    

Step 2. Once the basic shape appears, I use smaller chisels, files and scrapers to incrementally create additional detail.  

Step 3. Finally, after the carving is done, each surface is hand-sanded using progressively finer grits, then polished.

Initial sketch of the hand on the reverse side.

Various files are used to refine the basic shape.

Ready for finishing (sanding and polishing).

Beginning another sculpture.

This piece was created in two phases. First, I carved the basic shape of the top hat.

Then, I worked on the head, gradually adding detail.

This is the finished sculpture (after sanding and polishing).