Sales & Services

Contact Information

Alan Rhody
Maryland, U.S.A.



Maryland Artist Registry
Baker Artist Portfolios (Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance)

Sales and Rental

Contact Alan Rhody for prices and details.

For Sale:

  • Sculpture - individual artworks

  • Vintage Holograms - individual artworks*

All works available for inspection and sold as-is with certificate of authenticity.  

For Short or Long-term Rental:

  • Sculpture Exhibition (1-10 artworks)
  • Sculpture Exhibition (1-30 artworks**)

  • Vintage Hologram Exhibition (10-50 displays)

Exhibitions require proper lighting and suitable display fixtures. 

* includes works from other artists
** includes works from affiliated sculptors


Contact Alan Rhody for prices and scheduling.

  • Stone Carving (custom imagery)
  • Stone Carving Demonstrations
  • Teaching Services (classroom, after-school programs, summer camp)
  • Stone Carving Studio Tours

Studio located in Maryland. Advance notice for visits required.